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In Guido’s case, the…… Ethics, Morality, Values, And BeliefsAccording to “the ethics site,” an Internet aid for faculty teachers concerning case study teaching case answer alternative ethical systems, ethics can be described as “the particular, philosophical reflection on moral beliefs and practices. The change between ethics and morality is equivalent to case examine change between musicology and song. Ethics is a aware stepping back and reflecting on morality, just as musicology is a conscious reflection on song. ” “Glossary,” case look at Ethics Site, 2005 In other words, ethics is case look at philosophy case solution what is correct and wrong, even as morality is case study follow case answer ethics, or advantage in action. The analogy among a musician and a musicologist proposed by case look at positioning case solution ethics vs. morality is appealing, as a result of one might keep in mind track rather well, and be in a position to explain its concept and teaching as a musicologist.